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Unchained Courage

Hello, I do hope the New Year is coming along nicely for you, if not, I'm sure it's nothing that an overdose of valium washed down with vodka can't fix, at least that's what I always tell myself, and somehow, knowing that, I'm able to laugh and get on with things. It takes so very little to make me happy. Lucky huh?

It's to the less lucky and the more deserving that this post is dedicated, that is, to dogs who spend most of their unhappy lives tethered, never experiencing the things dogs crave, chiefly: comfort and affection. That dogs are sentient, social mammals is argument enough that this is an inhumane way to keep them, but oftentimes the obvious, the decent and the humane is too much for some subhuman morons.

Anyway, I'm indebted to @Chainfree for this fascinating and enlightening article. I have so much respect for her and others who go out of their way to relieve the suffering of others. Her efforts are an example to all of us of what can be achieved through caring, intelligence, balls and a world view that repudiates cruelty as an inevitable condition of life. I wish I had her courage, brains, and fortitude.


First let me explain what we are fighting against: Chaining and Tethering
Definition of chaining and tethering:
These terms refer to the practice of fastening a dog to a stationary object or stake, usually in the owner's backyard, as a means of keeping the animal under control. These terms do not refer to the periods when an animal is walked on a leash.
For us animal lovers we can't imagine this, but here in South Carolina it is pretty much on every corner. Seriously, you can't drive more than 3 miles without seeing a chained dog.
In my opinoin, South Carolina is the most backwater, behind the times State I have ever lived in, and I have lived in 8 States, maybe that is because we are the lowest state regarding education.
This video was created a few years ago when we fighting for Bill 833, a bill that failed to pass in the House. One Representative claimed that the bill would hurt hunting dogs and agriculture. Our organization did not create this video, but it shows the horrific chained dogs we see all the time.. Beware, graphic
Recently, just last night, I was organizing data I have acquired during this battle of helping to unchain dogs, it was then that I realized I have been fighting this for over 3 years. I am amazed that after 3 years of providing research, which includes data and statistics that we still have people chaining their pets, 24/7. These dogs live their entire lives on these chains. I have many sleepless nights thinking of these dogs out in the extreme weather.
We continue to fight though, because they have no voice to fight for themselves, and I just could never just give up on them.
I initially did not start out to be a rescue group, I just wanted to make people do the right thing, by changing the laws and forcing them to. Don't get me wrong I am not naive in thinking that just because there is a law, people will abide, but it is a deterrent to the lesser evil..
Chain Free Beaufort's has several goals this year. (not listed by importance)
1) Support South Carolina State Bill S958
2) Educate as many people of all ages and culture's to the risks of cruel practice of chaining your dog. We just put together a presentation geared towards the Elementary schools. Our other targets are Libraries and after school programs.
3) Get as many dogs of chains as possible this piece involves two options
rescuing the dog, which I prefer
fencing, this at least get the dog of his chain.
4) Spay/neuter and vaccinate those on chains that we can't rescue.
I was thinking the other day, that my wish would be that some day, people will be appalled that we used to treat our animals so barbarically, just as we do know regarding slavery. I can't imagine that we actually use to "chain" people in our backyards.
Here is our website link, and others working towards the same goal

One link at a time.. we will make a difference. We already made a difference to many, but so many more to go.
Kim Bonturi and Recovering Chained Dog, Peanut.
see my before n after pics on Twitpic http://twitpic.com/photos/chainfree