Until you hang upon such a cross, you won't know a thing about laughter or loss...and you don't believe me now, but you will...you will, you wil you will you will...you will, you will - Titus Andronicus

Hey All, Best Read This First:

reetings and a warm welcome to my blog.

First things first

This blog contains words and references offensive to those who never made it through the maturation process.

The intellectually and psychologically impaired will find nothing here to enjoy.

If this applies to you, dear reader, you're welcome, and strongly encouraged to leave now. No hard feelings on my part.

I'm trying to make this clear to the 'boo hoo brigade". If you CANNOT grasp this simple concept. This page is NOT FOR YOU


*PS: I'm pro Palestinian, pro animal rights in a way that pisses many people off. You should consider fucking off now if you object to this kind of thing.

Cheers Kiddies.


PS This blog is not really fit for human consumption, it's best read as it was written, drunk on vodka or otherwise high as a kite...Enjoy...


Sometimes you burn, God rest your soul...Each time it comes, it eats me alive...Radiohead: Sulk

I haven't managed to be this stoned in a long long time. Not since my smack binge, which I consider the highlight of my drugging career.

Here are 5 Reasons not to do smack:

1. Nothing will ever feel as good again, ever.

2. You are constantly wearing long sleeves

3. It's almost impossible to ever reach that state of pure bliss ever again (especially for me as I never take uppers of any kind)

4. Weaning yourself off of it is a fucking nightmare.

5. The rest of your life is filled with a painful, aching longing that just won't ever fucking leave you alone.

Here are 5 Reasons to do smack:

1. You can experience Heaven whilst yet on Earth.

2. You can curl up in a bubble of serenity that will protect you from everything (while it lasts)

3. You will experience the delicious thrill of being an outsider in a plastic, dull, homogenized world.

4. If you give it up, the aching, longing need for it, although pure hell, is almost kind of sexy.

5. It's just the most beautiful thing on this planet, along with Radiohead, Rosary beads,Russian novels and Robots.

I don't regret it for a moment, but I do miss the days when getting high was a little easier , it's just so hard now. There are many people who do smack all their lives and they function perfectly well, they simply know how to pace themselves, not me, it gives me the psychological peace I crave and I can't leave it alone.

When I go t pick up my weed (which is just not working for me these days) I'm always seeing someone I know hitting up. Fuck it hurts, I almost cry with frustration. Where before I'd stay and chat to everyone and have myself a grand time (my dealer is brainy, clever and a close personal friend) I have to turn away and get the fuck out of there.

It should be legalized and made a controlled substance. That way, no one gets hurt. It's the fucking around with it's quality that causes all the problems. You should be able to buy heroin at your supermarket. Why not? Smack never made anyone ornery or violent, unlike alcohol and uppers which are responsible for your usual Friday night sick fuck yobbo violence.

If you could buy it along with your laundery powder at a reasonable price at one stroke you've eliminated:

1. a black tax free market worth billions of dollars
2. it's uncontrolled quality which is what causes most problems associated with its use.
3. People would hit up instead of acting like fucking drunken anti social prats.
4.Probably about 60% per cent of crime and the massive costs associated with policing it.

There are plenty of other solid arguments for it's legalization, but the people who benefit from the most from it's illegal status don't want this to happen.

As far as I'm concerned, if something grows naturally out of the ground, I have every fucking right to use it as I please. Who the fuck is some sniveling cunt in some brain dead bureaucracy to decide which bits of nature I can avail myself of and which bits are taboo Do they think they're fucking God, decreeing for me which is the fruit of all evil. Fuck them, fucking morons.

Well my darling readers, I'm off wait catatonically while this stoned state passes. I had so much fun when I was smacked up. I was never so happy. Everything else is just details.

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