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Ego, Couch or Cat which is it to be?

If this isn't acceptable...

...is this?...

...or this?..


This insanity ...                                                         

...Versus this couch. ---------->

It's a fucking couch.
The only meaning it has
is meaning you attach to it.
It has no awareness of it's existence.
If you snip off bits off it here and there,
it won't notice or feel a thing. It's an object.

This cat is not an object. She felt pain for some weeks after her mutilation, and the absence of her body parts every day she was alive thereafter.

This couch feels nothing. It's there to serve a practical purpose, not our ego, ie: it's something to sit on.. A couch as ego statement indicates a vapid character and intellect. And a fucked sense of values. The cat on the couch has an ego, she has feelings, memory, instincts, happiness. All of her body, including her claws, is part of this awareness.

Conclusion: if your couch is more important to you than your cat,.
It's better not to have a cat.

Suggestions: Get couch covers and throw rugs. Who gives a fuck what's underneath? Nobody that matters.

Must every living thing be subordinated to a sterile, sanitized world view? Is this really how we regard the world and fellow animals forced to share it with us?

It's different to neutering. Procreation for cats is seasonal, the cat only feels the need when the season rolls around. No season, no imperative to notice the absence of reproductive organs. Claws are used everyday in every way. Same as your fingers. What if I cut your fingers off at the knuckles, then neutered you? Which would you notice the absence of more?

I know some tweeps I'm friendly with have declawed their cats. My purpose isn't to offend. No one's born knowing the right thing to do. I did want to show people what declawing actually looks like. It's not just snip snip of a few claw tips. It's rather more intrusive and mutilating than that.

Cheers, I guess... 


PS. Cats scratch. What do people fucking think they do with their claws?

 Community Concern for Cats

The above link is quite good, it's one of many. Sadly.