Until you hang upon such a cross, you won't know a thing about laughter or loss...and you don't believe me now, but you will...you will, you wil you will you will...you will, you will - Titus Andronicus

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Declawing: Actual Experience

 Hello, a few days ago I received this email from someone on twitter I've known for some time and liked for as long as I've known them.

I was hoping to receive some kind of feedback re declawing that would explain things from another perspective. Other perspectives only broaden our understanding and enable us to more intelligently understand how complex things actually are.

I'm very grateful that the author of this email gave me permission to publish parts of it here. He/She is a lovely, intelligent, articulate and caring person. I know that regular readers of this blog are intelligent, reasonable people, and that any comments they care to make regarding this email will reflect that.

Cheers and Love

Sir Fudge Esq

PS: Dear XXX thank you x

Dear Sir Fudge Esq,
Hi, this is the mom of XXX from Twitter.  I think you remember him? I was browsing thru your blog and read your post about declawing cats.  I agree that it is inhumane and it's a horrific procedure.  I got XXX declawed because I was at my wit's end, really!  He is a very good natured, sweet boy, but, man, he would go crazy with the clawing.  I felt I had no choice, it was that or give him away, and I surely didn't want to do that.  Reading what you said, though, sure put things in a different perspective for me.  You're right, a couch is just a piece of furniture, who cares anyway?  I guess I should have just bought some covers for the furniture and let it be.  Wish you would have written that a year or so ago, ha! But you know what else he would do? He'd jump on top of any piece of furniture and hang from the artwork on the walls!  I know, it's still just another piece of "furniture" but I was concerned that he'd fall and come crashing down and get hurt.  Of course, he can no longer do that because he doesn't have claws to grip over the edge.  I must say though, that he has not seemed the least bit bothered by his "mutilation".  Please don't say I'm just seeing what I want to believe, I don't think that is the case.  He really is fine, he is very happy and healthy.  I was so torn about his declawing, and I still feel awful about it.  He's the first cat we've ever had that's been declawed.  All our other cats have never scratched in the house, so it was never an issue before.  Anyway, after all this, I just want to say you're right, and I would never do it again.  I should probably load up on those furniture covers!


P.S.  XXX definitely DOES NOT send you *hugs* *purrs* *cuddlepile* *nosetaps* or ANYTHING OF THE SORT!