Until you hang upon such a cross, you won't know a thing about laughter or loss...and you don't believe me now, but you will...you will, you wil you will you will...you will, you will - Titus Andronicus

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A Better Class of Criminal?

Hello! hope you're all well. Things are kind of 50/50 here. I seem to have that kind of life. Things happen in extremes: when it's good, nothing's gooder, when it's shit, nothing's shitter. You see?

This is the first of a series of posts about violence and criminality. The aim is to explore the relationship between violence, criminals and society.

I've always been a bit fascinated with criminals. Having been diagnosed with "Borderline Personality Disorder" (Whatever the fuck that's supposed be) by a distinctly unappealing psych based on a battery of  questionaires I blundered through, I kind of see the connection with their disparate lives and mine. I try to find common space with all people regardless of their backgrounds, but the truth is, I'm always more comfortable with "The Oustsider". Shiny Happy Disney People just bore the living shit out of me. I find myself wondering if they're not some kind of Android Automation with a wind up key in their backs and a "Made in China" sticker stuck on their twats. Well, I'm a bit of a cunt myself, so I don't really hold it against them. See, it's the "common space" thing. You am I, I am, unfortunately for the both of us, you. You see? Clear as mud.

There was a stereotypically clever French man, (I forget his name, but I'll certainly find out for you) who said, "Society gets the criminals it deserves" well, like most of his frog kind, he's absolutely right (I really loathe the French, they always say the right thing, so smug, so smart, I just fucking hate 'em, Give back Alsace and whatever else you frogs stole and I'll ease up. Fuckers)  Anyway... I feel nothing but sympathy for Charles Manson, Panzram, Kurtin, and even the revolting and vile Fritz Haarman. (I'll include links to some great info about these Monarchs of Madness when I've finished this series of posts). Their crimes were appalling, but the crimes commited against them were worse. They were young, defenceless, frightened. They endured horrific abuse for years. Their most impressionable years were spent at the mercy of state sanctioned sadists, such as parents, orphanages, childrens' prisons. I'm going to provide evidence (whatever that can mean to anyone)  for these assertions, don't worry.

So why are people as they are? How have you arrived at the person you are at this moment? Are you angry? fucked up in the head? bitter? happy? satisfied/unsatisfied? lots of things make you the way you are. Most things you have no control over. You might think you have, but you don't. Well, very often, but not always, (it can't be proved either way, unless you have access to every relevant detail) people who commit crimes of extreme violence are products of backgrounds that are more one way than the other. That is, they grow up in environments of extremes. Extremes of  violation, humiliation, poverty, violence, mental disturbance, psychological dysfunction and deprivation. Lots of things, almost anything. But always extremes.

Are people good, evil or just plain mad, bad and sad? I think we're all of these things. Every one of us. Some of us are more one way by disposition. Most of us can be driven to anything. It's always a question of power and lack of it. What does the worst of  monstrous psychological derangement look like? It looks like this: 

This is what was left of the White Chapel Murderer's ("Jack the Ripper") final victim, Mary Kelly. He cut her up, filleted parts of her to the bone. Disembowelled her, then, shits for giggles, decorated the room with her innards.I don't think anyone can look at her remains without wishing they could have saved her, spared her this. Underneath the human monster is an animal of emotion, some measure of intelligence and feeling. So why do this to each other? Why are we like this? There's no denying we do it. It happens time and time again. It happens in war, in peace, in times of deprivation, in times of plenty.

Well, I guess, I'm going to do my best to show you that violent criminals travel in the same time and emotional space you do. They are you and me, and you and me are they. Except for one difference: they got the shit luck of the draw. And we left them to their fate.

Cheers n Luv

Belladonna xo