Until you hang upon such a cross, you won't know a thing about laughter or loss...and you don't believe me now, but you will...you will, you wil you will you will...you will, you will - Titus Andronicus

Hey All, Best Read This First:

reetings and a warm welcome to my blog.

First things first

This blog contains words and references offensive to those who never made it through the maturation process.

The intellectually and psychologically impaired will find nothing here to enjoy.

If this applies to you, dear reader, you're welcome, and strongly encouraged to leave now. No hard feelings on my part.

I'm trying to make this clear to the 'boo hoo brigade". If you CANNOT grasp this simple concept. This page is NOT FOR YOU


*PS: I'm pro Palestinian, pro animal rights in a way that pisses many people off. You should consider fucking off now if you object to this kind of thing.

Cheers Kiddies.


PS This blog is not really fit for human consumption, it's best read as it was written, drunk on vodka or otherwise high as a kite...Enjoy...


Advice on How not to Look Like an Idiot When Dumped

I prefer to be dumped then to dump. I don't really know what to say when someone sends a go between to find out why I unfollowed, blocked, whatever. What I really want to say is "Use your fucking head retard, you're just pointless clutter on my timeline, we don't like each other so why not cut the bullshit and just say our goodbyes".

I get exhausted by having to pretend I like someone. I find bullshit consumes too much energy. I just don't want to - especially not when I'm trashed.

The other thing I don't understand is why some take it personally when they are unfollowed? It's no big deal, doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you, not everyone likes everyone, it would be bizarre to expect them to. You would have to have the personality of a fucking egg to be everybody's love dumpling. The saying goes: "If you have no enemies, you have no character."

What really grates is when someone I've unfollowed and removed from follows, starts fucking screaming on the public timeline "Ooooohh!! that prick Sir Fudge blocked me" I'm not kidding this has happened about 5 times. Never blocked these wankers, but they want to enjoy their moment of bleeding and spraying in public. There there little one...hurt egos need to hit back. I understand...

May I offer some advice to these half witted drama queens?... Why don't you just go fuck yourself. Grow up. Why not take a look at your own behaviour, the way you say things, the things you've said, you may find the answer there? Don't expect me to explain your weirdo fucked up shit fest psychology, that's your, not my, responsibility.

I unfollowed and removed you from follows because I just don't like you or gel with you, is that so fucking difficult to understand?

If you never forgive me this apparently heinous offence, at least give me credit for brutal honesty, and frankly, I would much rather deal with the straightforwardly brutally honest than the type of slimy, condescending, obsequious cunt that insults me and gives me a fucking nose tap at the same time; Ugh!! get off me you disgusting slime. FU.