Until you hang upon such a cross, you won't know a thing about laughter or loss...and you don't believe me now, but you will...you will, you wil you will you will...you will, you will - Titus Andronicus

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*PS: I'm pro Palestinian, pro animal rights in a way that pisses many people off. You should consider fucking off now if you object to this kind of thing.

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10 Reasons To Be a Vegan: Now Ain't That Some Shit?!

Hey there, I'm supposed to be asleep but I keep waking up, I had some great news today and I can't stop thinking, that one brain cell is rattling up a storm I can tell you.

This is just a quickie post, like an old dog's fuck, blink and it's over, as sexy as old cheese.

1. Your shit won't stink: it's true, your shit will stop stinking and you'll produce much less of it. It will make your ass a desirable piece of real estate if your partner is so inclined to use it sexually.

2. A Clearer Conscience: Although some of you will never achieve this, it's at least a step closer to decency, which many could well do with.

3. Dairy Really Stinks: It's true! once you stop consuming it, you realise how bad it smells. It smells like raw meat.

4. It's better for you:  Nations with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoperosis.

5. For women: A female friend told me that since she stopped consuming dairy, she no longer experienced menstrual pain or clots.

6. For Fellows: High dairy consumption has been in some studies linked with cock cancer.

7. Your Dignity: What kind of a retard drinks the stuff produced for the babies of other species? It's fucking bizarre. Imagine getting down on your hands and knees and sucking away on a cow's teat?? You may as well be doing that.

8. Your Ego: Being vegan gives you sense of smug, sexy, otherworldliness. People who drink milk or consume it's value added products are like infantalized oafs. Deeply unsexy.

9. Love: somewhere, at every second you will the pin up for all cows and their calves the world over. Their Saint even, especially if they're Catholic Cows.

10. The Clincher: You'll stop being a selfish, unappealing, cruel fuck that nobody really likes

Conclusion. Stop consuming animal products. Stop using products made from the exploitation of their bodies. Stop being a self indulgent, cruel pathetic fuck.

♬   And you don't believe me now., but you will, you will, you will, you will, you will. you will, ♬ 

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Conklin Dairy Farms Video Shows Dairy Cows Being Violently Abused, Says Mercy For Animals (VIDEO) - Mixx

Take a look at the lives of those who live only to bring you a cheap glass of pus. Go PETA.